Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Day

By MeMa

Today we had Family Day with Max’s (my soon be son-laws) family. It was good. But I wasn’t too happy because it just didn’t seem to go the way I wanted it.
Today we had chicken, catfish, and sausages. With tossed salad, potato salad, & some chips. Next time I add more to the meat/poultry part. I believe there was not on items left in that part. We have a little bit of tossed salad left & 1/2 a container of potato salad.
We played UNO tonight, but no one really got into the game … which made it seem really freaking lame & boring. It was UNO Attack, which was good. Yet no one seem to be able to get into the gaming mood with it. There were no plots to give others Draw 2’s, or Skipping or Reverse wars. It was complete and totally LAME. UNO, no matter which type, it FUN to play. No teasing or anything … I felt like a complete lame hostess. Which it did seem like I was, it’s just hard for me to do that. UNO is a great game & blasted we will have a blast with it later or next time (maybe, I hope!!).

Next weekend is Mother’s Day Pot-Luck BBQ. It’s gonna be great … or so I hope. We are gonna deal with the meats & a few side dishes. Now I am sure what we are making. Have to figure out what others are bring before I make out dishes.
I am not sure if we will try to kick back and play some blasted board game or card game. But I just hope it will turn out better than the Family Day Pot-Luck BBQ. Fingers, toes, arms & legs all crossed …

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Working on the Main Bathroom

by MeMa

My husband’s latest job is the main bathroom. Which was SUPPOSE to be fixed by the company who worked on it when we bought the house … they have proven worthless. I am looking for our paperwork to have their hides. Because there is so much damage because of the lack of work they did NOT do.

As you can see, if they HAD fixed the pipes as they were SUPPOSE to, this type of damage would NEVER have happened. Yep, we are down to one bathroom right now. But my husband is doing an amazing job working on this room.
Tear out a part of wall, clean out yucky insulation … then remove more tiles, and back to tearing out wall & removing insulation. He has been cleaning the area as he goes as well. Not such an easy task for someone without the training those workers had. But damn straight it is a better job!!!! (Go Hubby!)

I am designing the bathroom wall so that there will be small areas to hang wash clothes or sponges, plus 2 areas for body washes to be sit. I got this idea from our neighbor who has one area were you can sit body items. But I want to keep them separate.

When this bathroom is done, he will start on our master bath …. because the damage also includes the wall for it. So, get one fixed and slightly remolded and then have to do the same to the other one.
Really is annoying because we had other things in the house that we are trying to work on. But they are on hold until these rooms are done … after all, you have to have a functional & safe bathroom. Not one that has LEAKS tearing up the walls …. that is far to unsafe & can lead to “black mold.”

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoying Life

by MeMa

Lately we have been working on the house, or actually my husband & sons have, as well as the yard. (which I have helped with) They have completed the work on one room, and have torn the walls out of the main bathroom. They are now ready to put up more dry wall, and full shower walls.
I am grateful because there will be not blasted tiles that LOVE to get that black gunk growing in them. No matter how much I scrub that bath area walls, it ALWAYS seems to be growing there. Which annoys me because of the work & time I spent making sure the shower was clean.

Our back yard now has a garden. I have planted some of the seeds. This weekend I am planning to transplant the seeds I planted in small containers. Plus we put down the stuff that is suppose to prevent weeds. This will be great because I won’t have to take the extra time each day to pull them out. PLUS it will insure our veggies & fruits are growing with out being over run & killed by the weeds. Now we are just hoping for less heat so it won’t burn out the garden. The year we got the garden to grow we have TONS of fresh veggies. It was simply amazing, because there is a HUGE difference between veggies from a store compared to veggies you pick straight from your garden.

Of course we did have some fun. But without a little fun, what is the point?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yea he is complete retired!!!

by MeMa

Over 20  yrs. in the military & the love of my life is FINALLY retired!!! Dec 1, 2011 was the date they released him from being an Active Duty (Army) Soldier. Yea I am gonna miss seeing him in his uniform … but I honest am so relieved. It means no  more deployments, no more stress and even better, I get to actually have time with him. Before we had to arrange it around his work schedule. Now, I get to see him when I wake up, and go to bed. I get to see him through out the day, without worrying that he will be called into work.

My sons are some what excited because they get to see their dad. They are also extremely proud of him. They are rebuilding their relationship with him. And he gets to play a lot with his granddaughter, who loves her Pa.

Outside chores …

by MeMa


This last week, we have been working on our yard. Cutting gas, setting up my granddaughter’s toys in yard so they are not spread all over, setting up our outside furniture so that it’s not all crowded in one space, & working on the garden.
We got all the work done. Had some help from our boys & granddaughter. She even wanted to help mow the back yard … that is not gonna happen until she is a lot older.

When we worked on garden, she was right here helping. My sons help a bit, but they were impressed that our granddaughter because instead of playing in her pool or sand box (pretty much all the outside toys she has) she was helping level out the garden, helping put that extra dirt in the wholes in our yard. Plus when I put clothes on the clothes line, she was picking up clothes to have me hang them. 20 months and she is one of those children who loves to help out & work.

Today I have to plant carrots, and put the other veggies & fruits in the ground, right now they are in planter boxes. I am hoping that this summer does not kill our garden because if it does, then all that work was for nothing Sad smile

I am just glad that all we need to do is mow when grass gets to high, put gutters on parts of house, & work on flower garden out front. It will be nice to get it done, and not look at all the weeds there.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work on our Backyard …

By MeMa



This last weekend we began the work on our backyard. We still have a bit to do, but with the rain that has been occurring, we have had to put a hold on it.
We are hoping to get the rest of the yard & the garden began.
Fingers cross that the rest of this week will allow us to get this work done. LOL then it’s more work on the house & the front yard!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Major Work on Bedroom complete

By MeMa

My husband has been working hard on tearing out the termite damaged walls in my son’s, Mike, bedroom. Damage that we did NOT know about when we purchased the house.
It has taken a few months, a lot of supplies & major work. Some of which he got help from our sons.


Currently my son is moving all his stuff from his “old” room (which will become our granddaughter’s room) into the room he has decided will be his. I am so proud of his decision on this matter. He has taken a bit of responsibility, by helping work on the room. As well as, deciding that his niece should have the room a bit closer to us.
He is going to put in a door that leads from her room to ours, and assist with sealing the door from her room to the bathroom.

More pictures to come … I am simply excited about the work they have done!!!!